Meant To Be Together
By the_wallflower_me
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It is said that "What is meant to be yours will always find its way." But would it be true for Afaaf and Rohaan or destiny has other plans for them? *************** Afaaf Ali Khan is an innocent, naive and kind-hearted soul. Possesing both inner as well as outer beauty, she is the apple of her parents' eyes. Being the only child of her parents, she is pampered loads by them; but she is far being a spoiled brat. What will happen when destiny will surround her with heart-wrenching pain given to her by the one who is the closest to her heart? Will she be able sprinkle happiness and positivity even after being betrayed and shattered by the one whom she trusted more than her life? *************** Rohaan Mir Shah is a heart throb. He has looks, money as well as fame. He is the heart beat of many girls but himself is regarded to be heartless; a beast. He doesn't care for anyone except for his family. Studying abroad has made him distant from his culture. Will there be anyone who would make him realise that he too possesses a heart and it can also beat? *************** "Seriously fiance? Huh! Well I never truly believed that sham. We both were children at the time of the engagement and it was a childish act on our parents' part. If you really believe that then I break off our engagement. Now just leave or else I will throw you out of my room," bellowed Rohaan fisting his hands. "P...please don't br...break our engagement. I love you Ru," pleaded Afaaf, "Doesn't your heart hurts saying all these things to me?" "You are forgetting Afaaf Ali Khan that I am heartless. I don't have a heart in my chest. So there is no question for hurt or pain. These are for pathetics and I am not pathetic," declared Rohaan turning around to face the wall. **************** Caught in the web of betrayal, secrets and lies, will Afaaf and Rohaan find their way to be together forever? Were they truly meant to be together? Join there journey to find out.....


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Meant To...
by the_wallflower_me