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By jj31030
  • Romance
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  • death
  • explicit
  • friendstolovers
  • graphic
  • lies
  • mafiaromance
  • pov
  • praisekink
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Book #1 of "The Four" book series Warning: Mature (18+) Content! She closes her eyes, blushing at the sight. Spreading her legs wider, I bite down on her earlobe. "Open your eyes," I demand. Her eyes flutter open. "I want you to watch me make love to your pu**y." -Marcellius Fierri #6 in Drama 2021 #75 in Mafia 2021 #16 in Romance 2021 #2 in Mafiaromance 2021 #2 in Friendstolovers 2021 #1 in Explicit 2021 #1 in Praisekink 2021 #1 in Sensitive 2022 #5 in Emotionalrollercoaster 2021 #15 in Death 2021 #2 in Steamy 2022 #2 in Protective 2021 #3 in Italian 2021 #2 in Betrayl 2022 #38 in Lies 2022 **** 28 year old Mia Davis has feelings for the Mafia boss, Marcellius Fierri. Deciding she's ready to put herself out there again, Mia learns more and more about the man she's fallen for. Will Mia be able to open up and accept the "monster" that he is? 31 year old Marcellius Fierri is in love. Afraid he'll reveal a side of him he doesn't want her to see, Marcellius struggles with the idea of being vulnerable again. Will Marcellius finally be able to let his Alpha male attitude go? **** Will Marcellius and Mia be able to fight for their relationship with the constant obstacles thrown at them? Find out in this exciting emotional roller coaster as secrets unfold.

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by jj31030