Unveiling Christmas
By GinaDickerson
  • Romance
  • christmas
  • crime
  • festive
  • love
  • murder
  • mystery
  • suspense


A wedding that turns deadly, murder fuelled by greed, and secrets kept for generations... When Suzy Harte discovers on her wedding day that her bridegroom-to-be has been hiding a huge secret, jilting him at the altar seems the best option. What she didn’t anticipate was he wouldn’t ever make it to the altar either and being found in the church cemetery in her wedding dress with a bloodied knife dripping onto the snow really seals the day as her worst ever. Suzy’s life picks up crazy momentum upon discovering her bridegroom found a lost diamond ring worth millions of pounds. The problem is someone else wants the ring and they’ll stop at nothing to have it, not even serial murder. As the body count rises, Suzy races to unravel the mystery, stumbling across years of family secrets while the killer closes in. Can Suzy unscramble the secrets before it’s too late? Will she find true love again? Or will the secrets which silenced many before her lead her to a grisly end? The complete book is available now on Amazon. (cover images: Shutterstock)

Chapter One

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by GinaDickerson