Larry Smut & On...
By SimplyLouis
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Some stories & one shots from AO3 Some chapters are in private so you can't see them. If you want to read them you have to follow me. I'm sorry you don't have to follow me if you don't want to, but i'd be more convenient if you want to read them if you do. You can unfollow when you finish. Happy Reading! Update: I have re-uploaded but have removed all Underage/ Non-Con/ Incest-y type of fics if I have missed one please do tell me. Also if you ever want a recommendation for a fic or are looking for one message me or on twitter @louissimply Don't forget to vote as well!!!!! Reminder: None of these stories are mine and i do not own any. All credit goes to their authors, links are in their respective stories. I just have them all here for easy reading. If these are one of your stories and would like me to remove it, message me and I will gladly do and apologize for uploading it.

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Larry Smu...
by SimplyLouis