Love Venom ✔
By yueteacake
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Inside a burning house surrounded by vampire corpses, Violet discovered a cute baby, his sorrowful cries begged her to save the father and son. On a whim, she decided to make the adorable baby boy as her son she never had. Jet, a vampire hunter, was not grateful to be saved. After all, he was nearly killed by vampires, only to be saved by one. It does not help when Violet only saved him because she wanted his son to be hers. In her eyes, Jet was just extra baggage that comes along with the baby. When Violet offered to help him revenge against his wife that plotted his demise, Jet was rightfully suspicious of her intention. What she wants was the baby's parental right and Jet's obedience, which he outright declined. Jet planned to escape with his son when a chance arose, but the secret in his body ruined his plan. Violet never expected that Jet's secret to be big enough to bring color to her monotone life. [All NSFW parts are removed from Wattpad Version and are only available at my Patreon site. ]

Chapter 1 - Mistress Violet

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Love Veno...
by yueteacake