New Beginnings
By Motionless144
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When Sesshomaru is stripped from the world he knew he was going to rock through (Y/n)'s unstable world. With no memory of how he got there. Leaving her feeling more alive than she has in years. Only what if she's not ready to leave the world she knows behind even when it's been cruel to her. When she unintentionally slipped under Sesshomaru's skin. Will he choose to stay behind or attempt to return to his own. Even so , what will he do if he does return? Continue to fight day to day to keep a human child alive? When safety is so close by he wouldn't have to raise much of a finger. Is he really willing to bring a human into his dangerous world for the sake of his own happiness let alone survive his brother's mockery if he were to find out? What had he forgotten? Why does it seem to be haunting him?

New Beginings

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New Begin...
by Motionless144