Slayed Hearts (Demo...
By LadysDaze
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Demons, the creatures of legend, are ruthless, vile, and callous beings who care about nothing more then devouring humans that have the displeasure of running into them. For centuries, slayers have dealt with this threat under the guise of night with their blades. The belief being that the only way to stop a demon from harming a human, was to kill a demon. That belief was been stuck inside of you for years and would have stayed until a fateful return to the ruins of your childhood village. There you find that the only survivor is your childhood friend, yet, he was no longer as you remember him. Bloodthirsty and craving flesh, it's up to you to try and bring Bakugou Katsuki not only back to his senses, but back to the life that had been taken from him in the dead of the night. (A Bakugou Katsuki x Reader Demon Slayer AU) (Not beta-read cause we take risks in this house!

A Warning to Future Readers

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Slayed He...
by LadysDaze