To Become Comfortab...
By Shadowhunterlenovo
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Aj is about to be a senior in high school and her eighteenth birthday is 6 months away. She's a straight A student, apart of her school's band, chorus and theatre clubs. She's also terribly shy and hates talking to people. The thing about Aj is, she's fat...280 to be exact, for her 5ft6 frame she's in the highly obese category. Aj has been fat her whole life, so when she gets the motivation to drop some serious poundage, it becomes a big deal. Then her school crush, Tyler, finally takes notice of her she starts working harder to try and be the size 8 she thinks he adores. But little does she know he could be adoring her the way she's always been. When Justin, the school player, asks AJ out, secrets come out, hearts are broken, and romance is ignited. But will it all work out the way AJ wanted?

That's My Chocolate

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To Become...
by Shadowhunterlenovo