Book 4, Chapter 17...
By JasonRoseBishop
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The companions have arrived in Alloyis, in search of answers and something called the Codex which is the key to understanding the content of the Tome of Wyrms. Hawk knows if anyone will have information about the tome and the Codex, it is the venerable Nicolai, Keeper of the Library at the Tower of Aetorin. In this chapter sneak peek, you'll get a glimpse of the track the Five will be on in this book, with no real spoilers. But you'll also get an up-close and personal tour of the Tower of Aetorin, and learn more about the enigmatic Hawk and the history of magic in the world of Cyrradon! Check out all the chapter previews at, and start your full adventure now with Storm's Rising: The Call, available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle e-reader versions!

Book 4, Chapter 17 - The Tower of Aetorin

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Book 4, C...
by JasonRoseBishop