A List Of Impressio...
By FrootSaIad
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A Collection of Short Stories which Recounts the First Encounters of Soviet Union and Third Reich: A List Of Impressions. The Great War left most of Europe devastated and the Second German Reich obsolete, leaving the two German brothers, Weimar and Reich, to take the blame while consolidating an immense amount of debt. Equally left in the shadows was Soviet Union. After he had overthrown the Russian Empire and withdrew from the war, his relations with the other European countries became shaky. Unbeknownst to the world, such unfortunate circumstances would bring together a very unlikely pair, for better or for worse... ----- Content warning: -Third Reich/Nazi Germany -SovietReich -Platonic Weimar/USSR More specific content warnings will be added at the start of each chapter if need be. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and is in no way historically accurate. Do not use this as a way to "inform" yourself about history. Themes and Ideals included in this work do not reflect the author's own views and beliefs. This is made for fun and as a writing exercise.

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A List Of...
by FrootSaIad