The Last Dragon Lor...
By CabbageQ
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Draco Malfoy has a secret. A secret only himself, Pansy Parkinson, his Azkaban bound parents and his deceased relatives knew. Not even his two other best friends, Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott know of his winged problem. Little does Draco know, keeping a secret from one, could very well reveal that secret to three more. Which in turn, could jeperdise everything the Malfoy line has sworn to protect. For the Malfoy family, hundreds of years ago were infamous for one thing and one thing only... Dragons Friendships and relationships are strained and put to the test in this plot twisting adventure. Will the Slytherins survive it all? Or will they go down falling? 1. All of the HP characters belong to J.K Rowling, though I do not support her. 2. None of the fanart is mine, unless I mention it.

Prologue : Part 1

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The Last...
by CabbageQ