Electric Box |h.s|
By GoldenGirlyyy
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*MATURE CONTENT* (18+) PLEASE DON'T COPYRIGHT "Go fuck yourself Harry! this conversation is over you need to leave" I hate him so much, but I seem to not have listened to my words and thoughts as I move way closer by his lips. "All you have to do is stop with your attitude darling and turn around and slam the door in my face, but we both know you don't wanna fucking do that" He's fucking right, but I can't seem to move now as we both stare into each other's green eyes. I don't know what took over me, but all of a sudden I took him by his collar and place his lips on mine... Just at 25 Ruby Jones is a single, beautiful, sexy, shy redhead Mother and is struggling with her life. She had her son at 20 with the help of her grandparents and father of her son but no longer together because of his temper, and her parents died when she was just 5 in a car accident to a drunk driver so her life isn't easy. In general she is a stay at home body but she needs that to sort of change even if she's a mom and has responsibilities she wants to try and have fun for once. That being said she has to find a new job fast so when she finds one that makes very good pay she seriously has no idea what's about to hit her. At 27 Harry Styles the grumpy, dashing, mysterious man has it all, he's rich, ladies all over him, lives in a Penthouse in Manhattan, has two successful jobs, club owner and believe it or not a 1st grade teacher. He doesn't need to complain about life but sadly his childhood was so terrifying it scarred him forever, he'll always want to know what love feels like but he shelters himself because it's for the best. He tries to better himself starting in September, so he's getting ready for back to school night at Rockport Elementary where he teaches and he has no idea that this pacific night his entire life is about to be flipped upside down. Hope you enjoy this story GoldenGirlyyy<3 STARTED JUNE 1st 2021


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by GoldenGirlyyy