One way or another...
By darcyN20021
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"Ya alone?" "I'd feel a lot better without a crossbow aimed at my forehead." "Said 'r ya alone?" "Yes" "Shouldn't be" "Why? Because i'm a woman?" "Nah. Being alone gets ya killed" "Listen, being in a group gets you killed, people die. People die you grieve. You grieve, you DIE." Sick of this bullshit. - She's only know survival, it's all she's had to do. Since a young age. The outbreak was her time to be free so what will happen when things go south and she meets a new group of people. She'll learn a few things on her wild journey: how to love, how to care. In a world were the dead roam free, Strangers become family and you look to anyone for a form of help. Will she adapt to this new world, or stay broken in her past life. Her escape. His salvation. - I have tried to stay as true to the characters as I can, I'm sorry if you feel like I haven't done them any justice. I will be following the story line of the show however I will be including some minor and major plots along the way to keep you all on your toes. Enjoy! - I DO NOT OWN ANY OF AMC'S CHARACTERS OR PLOTS. I ONLY OWN MY CHARACTERS AND MY OWN PLOTS AND STORY LINES. - Started- 27/5/2021 - [#1 DARYLDIXONFANFICTION 26/11/21] [#1 TWDFAMILY 6/1/22] [#1 AMCTWD 16/4/22] [#1 RICKGRIMES 23/4/22]


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One way o...
by darcyN20021