Family Ties || book...
By ShanayJones629
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First book of the Valentino series Read at your own risk (smirk)⚠️⚠️😏 SMUT WARNING|| 18+⚠️⚠️⚠️ "I'm not even all the way in babe" he smirked and my eyes widened. Looking into his green orbs for a split second I closed my eyes before moaning very loud when he pushed him self deeper. "I can't take all of that" I said weakly while placing my hand on his lower stomach He smirked before pulling out then slamming himself into me. "Fuck Leo" "That's for disobeying me" he said This story is about two hot heads who are focused to get married. Will Leo the number one mafia king gets his way with little miss assassin. This book will not disappoint you trust me If you want to know just click on the read button and started reading. DO NOT COPY OR TWIST MY STORY TO YOUR OWN. I PUT ALOT OF TIME AND WORK INTO MY BOOKS SO DO NOT STEAL THEM⚠️⚠️⚠️ Started July 24,2021 Finished October 21,2021


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Family Ti...
by ShanayJones629