How to Make the Bad...
By 4everAloneAnAwkward
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" 'Kitten!' I smiled as he entered. Baz stiffened and whirled around, hate swirling in his green gaze. He clenched his hands as he stalked towards me. My smile turned cheeky as he approached. 'How many times have I told you to NOT call me that?" He hissed, slamming his hands down on the table. Frowning, I stood up to my full height, just coming up to the tip of his nose. 'It fits you perfectly,' I argued. He huffed. 'No, it really doesn't!' I arched a brow. 'You're the "bad boy", correct?' Baz shrugged, seeming nonchalant about his title. 'Yeah. Sure' 'Think of it like this then: bad boys are loners, all off by themselves, being mysterious and all that jazz, right? They do what they want when they want.' 'Yeah,' he confirmed once again. 'So?' Baz asked, folding his arms across his broad chest, the movement making his shirt tighten around his arms. Wowza. He had some nice biceps. 'So,' I continued. 'They're essentially cats.' 'No, they're not!' He cried with blotches of red on his cheeks. 'You're kind of adorable when you blush, you know?' His dark hair fell in waves across his forehead when he made a jerky movement, the strands ending at his eyes. 'Fucking hell, I hate you.' I smiled at the familiar sentiment. 'Sure you do,' I smirked. 'Kitten.' " ~ Astrid Jones, the new girl in town (or in the state? She moved to California from Utah, so...), is kind of...crazy. With the attention span of a goldfish and a mouth directly connected to her mind, she's what her father describes as "quite a handful". But Antoni Baz, the resident "bad boy" of Lakewood High School, kind of digs that. Not at first, of course, he sort of (maybe) hated her at first. But she grew on him. Like mold. It's a long story. (Not really.)

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How to Ma...
by 4everAloneAnAwkward