The Blind Artist (F...
By BeccaJTyrer
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Frank Iero liked to prove people wrong, he proved his family wrong by going to college, he proved his professors wrong by finishing it- but he has never been able to prove himself wrong. So when he is offered a job to get him off the streets and out of the gutter he says 'Why not?' but will his closed off attitude clash with his boss? Gerard Way is an artist, the type of artist that is introvert and a coffee addict, an artist that lives and breathes his passion. But now he is lost in a world of black, he hates being poked and pushed by doctors and he had given up all hope of ever getting out of the consuming void he finds himself in. But with a new person in his life will he begin to see things a little more brighter, or will he be left broken hearted?

Chapter 1

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The Blind...
by BeccaJTyrer