Small Enough To Fit...
By R_intheforest
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Andrew Reyes, a graduating junior high school student, finds himself revisiting the life he has forgotten. Creating connections and friendships, he becomes acquainted with a tall soft-hearted classmate, Aiden Pelaez. Unprecedentedly lighting up a spark in their friendship, it results in one boy denying his feelings and the other embarking on a new path fate put him into. Alongside, Lange Martinez, a close friend of Aiden, finds himself struggling to shake off the existence of a persistent boy, Lawrence De La Cruz, having too much energy despite the small body of his. Unable to foresee the energetic boy's hidden motives, Lange gets in a tough spot after receiving Lawrence's confession. With the four boys stepping into a new phase in life, where friendship, love, and family isn't as innocent and simple as it seems, they realize there is more to life than just growing up, finding out their biggest problem is the ever unpredictable future.

UPDATE - Synopsis

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