The Mountain Prince
By KieranAndAlice
  • Short Story
  • beast
  • fantasy
  • prince
  • romance


Ash has spent his life wondering if there could be more than this poor, miserable, lonely life. He's wondered if anyone would ever even know his name. Would they remember him when he died? Or would he fade into the background like everyone else. Maybe he would finally be seen, and not just in passing, but maybe people would actually look at him. See who he is beyond what he is...he's a nobody, and there's no denying it. He's always been one of those boys who just, blended...and he, doesn't want to blend anymore. And when he's given the chance to be remembered he does not hesitate...but when he finds out that he must do the unthinkable will he fold? Or will he give up part of his soul so that he might forever be deemed...The Mountain Prince.

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The Mount...
by KieranAndAlice