Playing the Bosses
By freehibana
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Eva Thompson is a fun-loving woman in her mid-20s and one of two heirs to Thompson Luxe, a luxury goods holding company. When her older sister Alexis, who currently serves as CEO of Thompson Luxe, asks her to spy on their competition, Eva reluctantly agrees and takes a job at PMC Group working as an executive assistant. However, it's not long until she realizes that she'll have plenty of ways to keep herself entertained while she's there. After a few failed ventures, Caleb Peterson, Justin Matsuda, and Adrian Collins co-founded PMC Group and the company has recently pulled off several acquisitions that quickly turned profits, putting them neck-and-neck with Thompson Luxe as the top companies in their industry. However, their sudden success despite being so new to the luxury goods industry is questionable to say the least. When they hire a new assistant by the name of Eva Nelson, her unshakable confidence pulls in each of them in three very different ways. Started: June 2021

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Playing t...
by freehibana