Steampunx Vigilante...
By FarisFanaticP012
  • General Fiction
  • 1903
  • 1909
  • 19thcentury
  • assassin
  • fear
  • ferbfletcher
  • killer
  • murder
  • night
  • phinbella
  • phineasandferb
  • phineasflynn
  • steampowered
  • steampunx
  • vigilante


Takes place after the episode Steampunx. The timeline is set to 1909(few years after the episode), at the World's Fair(outside of Danville), where the "Modern Steam Technology" was created. A farmer Phineas had to do chores and chores all day. He didn't complain though. But after he built his first invention: the "Multi-Purposed Farming Vehicle", he started to invent more. But one day, at the World's Fair, he heard a scream. What the two brothers saw, they could never forget. And with their parents on a countdown, they had no choice: They had to stop these. They had to stop the murderer, and save their future and home. They'll encounter challenges, and broken hearts, on the way through 1909 Danville in the nighttime. (I know the show ended years ago but I don't care, this show deserves to be remembered. Inspired by and, probably, based on Batman Begins, Batman : Gotham By Gaslight and CW's Arrow. I own nothing, credits to the creators. Although this is originally a kid's show, some contents may be inappropriate to children. Sorry )


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by FarisFanaticP012