Sex Academy with My...
By LittleKitLover
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"Fuck babygirl." Two words that had so much emotion behind them, almost to much to describe. Yet remember, the goal is to taunt not touch. I rose myself of him and laid next to him before pressing play on the Netflix icon on the screen. Little Aliza is the average teen girl with a huge secrets that will surprise you. She is not only a sex raged teen girl. At only 14, she enter to Angel Academy; a technical high school for the sexually heightened. What her dominant, who is an Alpha and her mate, says about her very shocking past and will she be able to cope with his reaction or will she turn against her true self to be as he wants her to be? What will the Angel Academy do to her? Wait a minute is she even human? Mature (Kinks and Adult Themes)

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Sex Acade...
by LittleKitLover