Craft II (The Craft...
By AmyRobinsonAuthor
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🔘Ongoing🔘‼️MATURE‼️ This is book 2 of the Craft Series. To read book 1, Craft, head to my page to find. After Celia's shocking revelation at the end of book 1, this is the aftermath of the devastating events that occurred in the warehouse. Being driven away in the trunk of a Cabrera car, Celia has no clue as to what she is heading for, she only knows that she is currently living on a death sentence. Her secrets and betrayals lead her to a dull, cold and gloomy warehouse where she uncovers the other side of the Cabrera empire - the ugly side, and the high life she once had certainly takes an unexpected turn to a sudden life of becoming a Cabrera prisoner. She knows her days are numbered as she tries to survive the frightening obstacles that are thrown at her during her time imprisoned by Roman, but can she turn it around? Will she convince the man that once loved her and gave her everything that she is loyal to him and expose the love she believes he still has for her...or will she reach out to her real family, and put her hopes in Asher to save her life? This story contains mature scenes - sex, drugs, prostitution, violence, gore, torture, strong language and triggers. Message me before reading if you would like to discuss these things first. The contents of this book are completely fictional, no images belong to me, but all original content is my own and cannot be used or copied.


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Craft II...
by AmyRobinsonAuthor