My Guilty Pleasure
By justmine_luver_143_
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Meet Dani...Dani Marella. Your down-to-earth 17 year-old chick who rolls sass, sarcasm, and stubbornness into one. People believe her face to be one found on a magazine cover or someone fresh off the runway. Angelic on the outside, strong on the inside. A girl who could pass as a Victoria's Secret model, but can handle life as a somewhat normal teenager. Let's just say...she's someone most girls envy to be. Meet Drew...Drew Jacobs. Your typical 18 year old bad boy who can be an arrogant asshat when he wants to--not to mention his stupid reputation that he annoyingly chooses to fulfill 24/7. People stop and stare in awe just to watch him walk by, almost as if he were a real life movie star. They assume that he is undoubtedly handy when it comes to fishing the ladies--in other words, he's a player. That's right, mischievous player by day...and the least expected by night. Not fully grasping the sudden life-changing situation they're both getting sucked in, the two teenagers find themselves shoved into each other's lives--well, not literally, but it's all thanks to none other than their widowed parents. Finding this whole situation to be a pain in the ass, the teens willingly refuse to be a mere foot within each other...especially after alone discovering their sudden, weird attractions toward one another. She can't help but sense something cold yet strangely alluring about him, while he finds her way too irresistible to avoid--no matter how hard they both try. As the two attempt their very best to ignore the hidden feelings for the sake of a certain couple's happiness, they are practically forced to get along. What will happen then? Will things spiral out of control? Will it change both of their lives forever? Join them on this hopefully romantic journey full of risk taking, troubled chances, drama of course, and maybe No? Okay. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN CLICHE CRINGEWORTHY MOMENTS AND MATURE/R RATED MATERIAL. Reader discretion is advised.


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My Guilty...
by justmine_luver_143_