Wrong turn
By njhahmad_
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wrong turn. I got a wrong turn. I, Alexa Johnson, make another huge mistake in life by believing in someone and giving all my heart to him and then let him crushed my heart and throw it away just like it is not important. I realize that I am too easy to open my heart for someone else without thinking about consequences. I can say I regret making such a decision. I thought my life would be perfect after I failed my first marriage, but I was wrong in everything. Everything I did is wrong. Thinking he is the right man for me and will live with me for the rest of our life just like our vows. everything was fake. I was dumb. Super dumb. Always believe that the fairytale is real. Am I too innocent? or maybe, I was just too dumb. I guess you knew the answer to my question... _________________________ My phone ringing. I quickly pick it up. "Hello, do you get what I want?" I ask as soon as I answer it. "Yes, Mrs, Lanton," He replies. My heart beating super fast right now. I hope the news will be false. "Tell me everything is wrong," "Everything is ... true," I don't know what to say anymore. I am speechless right now. ____________________________________ THIS IS CONTINUATION OF MY FIRST BOOK THAT CALLED "His Biggest Mistake" Start June 9 2021 and finished September 21 2021


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Wrong turn
by njhahmad_