Mad Love || Anakin...
By and-the-children-too
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(Modern AU - Mafia - Psychotic) "He lifted his chin slightly and his eyes gazed into mine with assertion. I took an unprofessional note on how the blue crystal-like color glimmered in the light, almost like how the sun shines on the dancing ocean. For being an unhinged killer, he was a gorgeous man and it's nearly impossible to deny that. But I guess that's what makes him all the more dangerous; you can easily see a sweet angel on the first glance, completely missing the murderous devil that lurks underneath." Working as a psychiatrist at the Coruscant Institution for the Criminally Insane has always been the job of your dreams. The minds of the twisted and the deranged have always fascinated you, the way they think was unlike any other. And when you finally land your dream job, your first patient is the the most unhinged of them all. At first you thought of yourself as lucky. But you soon come to realize that no amount of training could have ever prepared you for the challenges of Anakin Skywalker. **CONTAINS SMUT** •This was inspired by Harley Quinn and The Joker, but I will not at all be following their story. I will be creating my own.• Published: May 28th, 2021 Ended: Edited: I DO NOT OWN STAR WARS OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS. I DO OWN THE PLOT.


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Mad Love...
by and-the-children-too