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*Identity is being published in paperback in 2022* Secrets define you, love will break you. Trinity used to be the life of the party... she used to love music. However, that all changed when she lost someone she loved. Now she can't stand to hear a single melody. A once wild and courageous girl has now turned into someone who runs away from her problems. She acts stone-cold, but on the inside she just wants someone to love. Leonidas lives off music. After all, he and his siblings didn't become one of the most famous bands in the world for no reason. What happens when they're forced to move into the small town Trinity lives in. And what will Leonidas do when he finds out Trinity does not know who he is. Will he tell her his Identity? Or will he keep the biggest secret about himself and break her at the end? A popstar, and a girl who hates music falling in love? What could go wrong? Everything. *** Rankings #1 in Band #1 in Singer #1 in Bands #40 in Romance

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