High School Daze (M...
By bradywalker414
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Summer break is over once again. Aang is starting his freshmen year at a huge high school. Lucky for him, his two best friends, Azula and Zuko also attend the same school. The school looks normal from the outside and even on the inside, but somethings going on with the school, something weird, and it's like the school is in on it. But if Aang is going to find out whats happening, he's going to need some help... P.S. This is technically rated R just a heads up. swearing, light drug references, and alcohol, etc. It's high school so try to understand 😅 -Modern day - no bending - Toph can see Sorry that's just how it is. Ages - Aang, Ty Lee, Toph 15 - Katara, Azula, Mai 16 - Sokka, Zuko, Suki 17 Other characters that appear will have hints of age and grade etc. Enjoy! Authors note: This is way different from the show. There's no Team Avatar Vs Azula/Zuko. It really has nothing to do with the show. I will try to write the characters in their personalities. Bare with me though, it's high school, they're going to be drinking, smoking, swearing etc. so be prepared. You'll hear from all the main characters in the show. Main difference is, everyone might get along...

Chapter 1

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High Scho...
by bradywalker414