Worse for Hope...
By stardust16664
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Grief. Grief can tear someone's life apart or make them stronger. Though that may be true, Bethane only feels the pain. She lost the person who made her life exciting, what was she supposed to feel? But losing someone right in front of you hurts more and is a different type of grief that she experienced for three years. Three years up until Axel Rider came back into her life and decided that he wanted her trust again. Bethane has already moved on as she says and claims to hate him, but is what she feels really hate, or is it betrayal from the one person she chose to let herself be vulnerable around and still got tossed to the curb. Rider is committed to earning her trust again and getting a second chance. Bethane is committed to ignoring and hating him for the rest of her life, but with those two very different goals, who's going to win in the end? ~~~~~~ "Now as I remember...," he begins to recall too close to me to be safe for my well-being. Shit, shit, shit! "You were panting my name." His hand cups my waist as it begins to slide down. "And when I finally let you finish," he says lowly into my ear the minute I turn my head away to get away from the thought of his lips on mine. "You made a sound that sounded just like-." Unexpectedly, his fingers push inside me through the fabric of my jeans, and I gasp in shock and at the butterflies that just began to gather everywhere. "Just like that." I can feel him smile against my ear as my head is tilted upwards in the pleasure I'm basically desperate for. *** 1k reads September 17, 2021

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Worse for...
by stardust16664