fool for you || boy...
By writtenbyhoney
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Noah Miller and Josiah Williams have a special yet odd friendship. A friendship in which they kiss, have sex, sleep in the same bed, hold hands and do everything friends shouldn't do. Yet they're just that: friends. That's what they believe at least. Here's to denying feelings, avoiding confrontation, exes and (old) hookups being added to the equation, minor and major mistakes being made, attachment issues, trust issues, abandonment issues - all types of issues and so much more. Follow Joshiah, Noah and their friends in a book in which they laugh because of happiness; cry because of sadness; fight their own battles; deny most of their feelings; struggle with what's right and what's wrong; and eventually learn how to love. All Rights Reserved by Honey (writtenbyhoney) on Wattpad © May 16, 2021 DISCLAIMERS: - this story contains strong language and possibly sexually explicit content. - everything that happens in the story is STRICTLY FICTIONAL and takes place in an alternative universe. thank you for checking in & have a blast reading, baby ✨


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fool for...
by writtenbyhoney