Different Kinds {Gi...
By smoaka16
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DeLacy lives a normal life, in a sense. She can't talk to others and she has to be patient, they'd kill her if they ever found her. She learned to hold her emotions and build up a wall. She distanced herself from everyone for fear of hurting them, even her mother. But when her mother takes in the Alphas of the local Lycan pack when their home burns down in a freak fire, she'll need to learn a whole new level of control. But when the daughter of the alphas starts sticking her nose where it's not wanted. DeLacy's emotions start to come to a boiling point as she finds her resolve slipping as her secret begins to reveal itself along with the dangers that come with it. DeLacy finds herself in the exact position she tried so hard to avoid. Now with the threat of a centuries old war, she finds herself angry. Angry for having to hide her emotions. Angry for having to hide. Angry for having to be silent. Now she would let herself be angry and she wouldn't hide from it and the ones that fought so hard to rid the world of her would learn what a true nightmare they had awakened.

Burn the house down

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by smoaka16