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A bullied girl meets the popular new student. ***** "Still saying that you're perfectly okay?" Max whispers. I'm surprised to hear that his voice is shaking. "I'm going to find who did this to you." ***** One time, I was the most popular girl in school. All the students in Royal Heights, the school of the richest, knew me as the pretty Luna Klein, daughter of a famous superstar and a well-known billionaire. But the next thing I know, I'm an outcast. Just because of a complicated thing called love, everything turns 180 degrees. Now, I'm the girl that everyone hates. I've lost all my friends. I've lost my best friend. And I've lost the guy that I adore. All I can do now is to ignore the bullies and to survive each day quietly, hoping that I don't attract too much attention like before. Everyone in my school starts to call me loony Luna. Or lunatic, their favorite nickname. Then he suddenly arrives. Max Cooper, the new student who just got here from Australia. Insanely good-looking and smart, topped with his impressive family background, Max easily becomes everybody's favorite, especially the girls'. Disastrously, of all the other things he can pick, Max sets his eyes on the most forbidden and despised thing in Royal Heights. Me. Even though the whole school hates that idea. But pushing Max away is like trying to tame a wild lion that has just been released from its cage. Max is unstoppable. My mother once said that if a guy is really into you, he will pursue you no matter what. I think I know now how it feels. I just don't know how to handle my heart. Because every time his piercing eyes land on me, I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. © 2021 Anya Jayvyn. All Rights Reserved.

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