Their Stripper
By ImberApricus
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"I wonder how you would look without the skin? Very beautiful and ours" Fritz let out, his fingers puttering with my nipples when I realised I was crying. But I made no effort to back away from him. He wanted to skin me alive. ~~~~~~~ Her caramel skin coaxed them to smoulder her in their desires, her inert irises which couldn't glimpse at the marvels of the world incited them to forever keep her with them. She was supposed to be a stripper for the Cromwell Twins and their half brother Forest Cromwell for one night to seal a deal that would forever bring peace to the entire clan. But the blind stripper had something in her that seized the interest of The Cromwell Brothers. The way her hips swayed to the way her eyes squinted when she was performing in front of the brothers ignited them to bend her against the pole and slash open the meagre dress she was sporting to ascertain who was in charge. But what Ferit, Fritz and Forest Cromwell didn't anticipate was that there was one more man just like them crazy and obsessed with the blind stripper. Seizing scrutiny of one dangerous man was bad luck but existing as an object of obsession for the four most powerful men was even worse. She didn't infer what would transpire just because of one unfortunate night. There was no escape because she was Their Blind Stripper.

1) The Stripper

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Their Str...
by ImberApricus