Black as Ink
By AmeliaForEli
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As you may know Ink is the creator, protector and guardian of AU's. But how did ink came to be like how error came to be as we all know ink came from an unfinish au and error from the original aftertale sans(geno) who experimented his determination and got stuck in the anti void went insane. Now... In this story... is. What if one of the creators did become Ink in the beginning of the start of the multiverse? where chara is the guardian of determination who is a spirit and abigail is the guardian of feelings who is unable to age so semi-immortal. Ink who was immortal was the cleaner/eraser of corruption, glitches, bugs, and hackers, but got tired in his position. As abigail died and became a tree, as the twins of each side of the balance of emotion became a guardian. Chara became less determine and became more emotionless like doll. Ink decided enough is enough of being called a monster, killer, murderer or even psychopath so he made a plan. Decided to create an AU called aftertale only a bit of code editing to make sure the sans(geno) would accidentally transport to the anti-void. Then Ink in the final battle of corruption would use his already fragile soul to seal it. But ink not knowing the consequences that it would effect him greatly. As he losses his memories bit by bit as well as emotions, responsibility and his sense of duty. He became as you know as Ink, as a memories of the goldfish. Now.. Corruption who escape with only a bit of his power as most of his existence and power were seal. Will get his revenge. will the star sanses and bad sanses will able to stop it. will ink able to remember? or even stop corruption. FIND OUT!


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Black as...
by AmeliaForEli