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By reduciodepresso
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Sequel to butterflies; roughly follows the plot of season 2. Rhapsody 1. A composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation/an ecstatic expression of feeling/an epic poem/an unusually intense or irregular poem or piece of prose. 2. Lexi and JJ's relationship *** He hadn't called; except for the time her told her not to come around again. She was spiralling, and her last saving grace was the lawn that would separate herself from her family, another shot with those she had become so close with that infamous summer. So she had come back anyways, hoping it might save her from the mess she had become after her departure from the Outer Banks, hoping there was a chance they still cared; a chance he still cared. And maybe it was because she thought it was just a matter of time before hers will run out, or maybe it was because she had really fallen for the boy who told her not to; but she believes this to be her last shot at getting things right. But when you've been drowning for weeks, breaking the surface wont give you air. **this book is 2/3 of the way done**

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by reduciodepresso