I Become A Burdenso...
By TransientWhims
  • Romance
  • abandonedchildren
  • ageprogression
  • celebrity
  • childcare
  • chinesetranslation
  • complexfamilyrelationships
  • entertainment
  • father-daughter
  • femaleprotagonist
  • modernworld
  • novel
  • poortorich
  • showbiz
  • texttospeech
  • transmigration
  • villain


[BOOK 1] Su Jiu died on the day of her eighteenth birthday, and she turned into a four-year-old cute baby in a sadomasochistic novel. The Su Jiu in the novel would become the vicious second female lead in the book, where she will do all sorts of bad things to the heroine and would meet a tragic end. She wanted to survive, so she strayed from the plot and found her biological dad. But this was not enough. How can she break her father's slump? "Dad, you are not allowed to eat, keep in shape!" "Dad, there is an announcement tomorrow morning, you prepare it!" "Dad, cheer up! Don't you want to find me a stepmother?" "Dad, you're about to receive an award, so hurry up and think about your acceptance speech on the stage!" With her rescue, her Dad had gone from being a black and eighteenth-line star who strayed out of the limelight to become a top-tier one-line celebrity, making countless money. As the sole heir, Su Jiu had billions of assets, and life was beautiful, and she could eat and die at ease. but- Wait a minute, for this dark, paranoid, cruel villain in the novel, who did not haunt the heroine but found her? Σ(°△°|||) Didn't she just give him warmth several times when he was a child, since she was worried about his blackening? Besides, wasn't he a money-making machine with no emotions? ... Years later, the big villain was in the business and entertainment circles with only one hand, and he even became father's big boss! The dad, who cherished his beloved girl, finally realized that a wolf was eyeing the girl, and taught her safety measures. Cherish life and stay away from big bosses. The big villain sneered, "Little Jiu, marry me, I will give you everything and my life will be yours. Otherwise, I will block your dad, and he will never step foot in the entertainment circle!" Su Jiu, "......???"


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I Become...
by TransientWhims