Heaven Is You
By DramaQueenforreal
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COMPLETED✅ When uni student Talia Herera finally finds it in herself to break up with her shitty boyfriend Tim, Oscar Atkins -Volleyball star- at their uni, finds his way into her chaotic life, to show her how she should've been treated all along. ~The colors sage green and lavender purple, upon first glance, those two couldn't be found on the same side of the spectrum, at least not, theoretically. How about we test the theory metaphorically?~ ❣️❣️❣️ "Why're you mad Oscar, is it because it sucks to have my sloppy seconds?" Comes out an all too familiar voice. I freeze in step at the realization. "I dare you to say that again" There's some shuffling, it's clear to conclude they're on the verge of a fight. Sierra faces me, squeezing my hand "Come on" She has a serious expression on her face. I gulp and continue my footsteps. "Hey, Tim" I call up for him. His eyes nearly fall out of their sockets as they bulge out while turning to face me. He surely didn't expect me to show up from thin air. I approach him warily, nevertheless confidently, everyone's eyes following my every move. "You know, I really did want our breakup to be as civilized as possible. Though it seems like people never learn. Oh, and by the way, you were shitty in bed. Every orgasm I had, I had to fake so you can get it over with" I confess and the guys are trying to hold in their laughs and snickers at my statement; hardly succeeding. . . . ❣️❣️❣️ *I don't own any of the pictures used, they belong to their rightful owners. *contains cursing. *contains mature themes. -Dual perspective #2 in jealousy #1 in sportromance #6 in college #2 in volleyball #2 in collegeromance #4 in friendstolovers #8 in enemiestolovers #51 in romance #12 in teenfiction #19 in teenromance #1 in bestfriend

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Heaven Is...
by DramaQueenforreal