☞The Russo Twins
By cute_asf_
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Ace and Alessia Russo were-scratch that-are the prince and princess of the family. The only girl born in seven generations that makes a soft spot in everyone's heart. The twins and their relationship is adored in the whole family. What happens when their little babies are taken at a mere age of three by their biggest enemy. Neither for revenge nor for leverage but only to see the Russo men suffering. What will happen when the Russo's are none other than the italian mafia itself?? What happens when after 12 years, they are back in their arms. Will they ever be able to trust them and reveal their secrets to them?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alessia Russo is a naive, innocent and a bubbly girl who manages to take everyone's heart just by talking sweetly to them. All through her life she loved only one person and that is her twin, Ace. Her innocence leads her to trouble sometimes but her brother is always with her. Ace Russo is rebellious, muscular, dangerous and the satan himself but he has only one weakness and that is his twin sister, Alessia. He can go to any extent just to keep her safe. He is the one who do street fighting, street racing and is the mafia boss itself. He has a soft spot that only Alessia can see to see. So let's enjoy the rollercoaster ride of the Russo's. ~There is a lot of innocence in this book which may look like cringe to some people. Those who have problem simply don't read~ ~⚕️BlAcK rOsE🌹⚕️


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☞The Ru...
by cute_asf_