October Academy
By aurora_rain
  • Teen Fiction
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  • mystery
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  • romance
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  • youngadult


Jade Fernwood is finishing her senior year at October Academy, notorious boarding school for the filthy rich. Jade knows she doesn't belong there, being a foster kid on a figure skating scholarship. Darcy Kane is a brooding hot mess, one of the wealthiest students of the Academy. From the moment he crosses Jade's path, an undeniable connection forms between them. Jade knows she should stay away from him, but does that stop her? Hell no. Callum Carver is a famous ice hockey player, taking a break between seasons and returning to his home town to stir trouble. He falls for Jade instantly, but can't allow himself to give in to his feelings. Last year, Jade's foster brother mysteriously died. But despite her willingness to live in ignorance, someone is hell bent on showing her the truth. ✨A lot of romance, a little smut, and just enough love triangle.✨ WARNING: This book does not have a happy ending. This is a villain origin story. ☾Completed☽ BEST RANKINGS #1 in spicy ;) #1 in hockey #1 in friends #1 in hot #1 in steamy #1 in intense #1 in youngadult #1 in texttospeech #2 in boardingschool #2 in lovetriangle #3 in rich #3 in fosterfamily #3 in newadult

Chapter 1

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October A...
by aurora_rain