Falling for him(exc...
By Ahsana_
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Zoya, a beautiful girl is married her teacher Advik, when a man named Chaitanya started to threat her and about to marry her. Even though it was an accidental marriage, the couple trying best to go on well. But Chaitanya is not ready to give up on her. Will love blooms between Zoya and Advik? ______ Hearing foot steps, I found Advik. He come back from office but not looking at me not even at once. "Advi, Deepak.. " Pretending to not hear me he just walked away. I need to clear with him. Having the thought I walked behind him. "Advi, I want to talk with you. " "Zoya, can you for once think about me. I not your husband to listen everything. I have my own life, don't try to enter it. " "But." Before I can say anything he closed the door making me struck. "Sorry... " It was so hard for me to say that. My tears are well formed on my eyes and my throat is feeling like stuck. "I am sorry Advi, if I am causing you trouble. I won't trouble you anymore" I wiped my tears and continued, "I am leaving to home. "


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Falling f...
by Ahsana_