The Last Healer
By WishingStar01
  • Fantasy
  • abuse
  • action
  • family
  • fantasy
  • fear
  • friends
  • healing
  • learning
  • magic
  • romance
  • truelove
  • visible
  • wattys2015


What if you were told you were nothing, but then you became everything? After being abandoned by her parents and abused by the closest thing she ever had for family, Ariella Mathews has no hope for a better life and spends her days only hoping for as little pain as possible. This fifteen year old girl only knew a life of fear and hatred, she never believed that there would be a place for her and her Power of Healing since the Troupe, a group of nomads, told her that she, and it, were nothing. All of that changed when the Troupe turned to the City of Shona, the Capital of Powered People, for protection against people who want to kill them. With her head filled with lies, Ariella has to learn the truth about her family, love, and her Power, but only if she can let go of the fear inside of her. #Visible #Wattys2015

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The Last...
by WishingStar01