Life Without You
By TheMoonLark15
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Elsie is the little sister of Bucky Barnes and Best Friend to Steve Rogers! They were all like three peas in a pod since childhood. After Steve and Bucky both enlisted she joined their team as one of the Howling Commandos. One day when they were on a mission it goes sideways and both Bucky and Elsie are lost to the darkness. Years go by with both Steve and Bucky believing Elsie died on that train car. But what happens when they find out she's alive? *This takes place after Civil War but Civil War never happened. The Avengers are all still at the tower and Bucky is an Avenger now. *I only own Elsie, her lines and the plot. All rights go to me! This is my first fanfic so constructive criticism is welcome but please people no hate in the comments! If I see anyone spreading hate in my comments section your comment will be deleted! I do NOT tolerate hate of any kind! So please people be kind to others! *Also all the pictures in this book I found on Pinterest and the rights go to their respective owners unless I specifically say otherwise. Same for all the songs I found on youtube. I do not own them all rights belong to the artists and bands that wrote them! ~~~~~Mild mild mild language~~~~~~~~


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Life With...
by TheMoonLark15