Stay - Mattheo Ridd...
By adira_argent
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Cursed to live over and over again, falling in love with Slytherins over the decades. It was practically destiny for Kirra Potter and Mattheo Riddle to end up together, but will it turn out how they want it to? After all, fate doesn't care about your plans. ------------- "I told you. I'm here for the girl, not you. All you have to do is hand her over" the smile on the man's face only grew, causing the aura around the room to become even more sinister. Mattheo stayed in front of the girl protectively as she laid on the ground, barely breathing "and I told you. Over my dead body" Second part of this book: 'Reflections - Mattheo Riddle' #1 in hufflepuff #1 in harrypotter #1 in mattheoriddle #2 in ronweasley #1 in ravenclaw #2 in remuslupin #1 in tomriddle #6 in regulusblack

Dudders Birthday

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Stay - Ma...
by adira_argent