Blade Dance: My Her...
By Kousei_96
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A story of a world where dream can become reality. Where 80% of the population of 7.9 Billion has a superpower called a Quirk. Which every one has a unique one. This story follows the tale of a young man, where his quirk looked like a powerful one, but infact an almost useless quirk. Being born with a personality type that many would call Kuudere, Y/n has a trouble making friends and being discarded by his 'friends' his age. His goal in life to make many friends and save many people from the same fate that he once was faced with. Follow his story, on his journey on becoming the most awesome hero in Japan. Fanfic that's called 'Blade Dance', will commence! All credits goes to Kohei Horikoshi! Because I obviously don'I'mMy Hero Academia! Hi! Im the author! My goal here is to make a story like @-Ishimura- sensei! Please take a look at his work! That masterpiece is gold! Also, this fanfic is roughly referenced by the manga! So, any difference that the anime only may notice, pay no mind too much to it, capiche? Have a good read!

Chapter 1

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Blade Dan...
by Kousei_96