Athy x Lucas (Onesh...
By VeryAkwardPotato
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Just dumping some random story ideas of my fav ship in different scenarios 。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚ Summaries to all oneshots/drabbles so far: This has to stop. Why should he keep pretending? It was messed up in a way and he'd just get into shit load of trouble if things gets out of hand. "Welcome home, sweetie!" He was too old for this. But as he looked back into those pretty eyes and infectious smile, he couldn't help but play along for just a little while longer. "Uh yeah, I'm home... darling" -*- She was upset. She was mad. But most of all, she was disappointed. He only looked at her in denial. Gripping the thing between his right hand tighter. And she glared fiercely at him in return. -*- It probably didn't mean anything. Most likely just an act to quell his anger. Or so he assumes of her intentions. If she really meant nothing of it -if the kiss she initiated wasn't what he thought she meant- then he suppose he'll just give her a reason to change her mind. -*- She was just as beautiful and radiant as when he first met her. The only difference was just how much older she looked, and how her once small hands had grown into those of an adult, with one of her fingers being snatched snugly by a golden band. He stared for a moment. And gave her his best smile. -*- Read more to find out :3


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Athy x Lu...
by VeryAkwardPotato