Fast Cars and Inter...
By MinaParkes
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Richard Campbell has a list of problems: ▪ He's unhappily divorced-which, he'll admit, is better than being unhappily married ▪ He lives in the middle of nowhere, where the shops all close before suppertime ▪ His roommate, Garth, is on the very last of his last nerves ▪ He's broke Richard and Garth are trying to launch their own company, RigarTek, in an effort to change the world and fuel their extravagant lifestyle (which mostly involves eating something other than ramen and coffee). The whole start-up thing is a lot of work, and also, see bullet 3: Garth is on the very last of Richard's last nerves. Things aren't all bad, though. Richard's main solace is his '72 Camaro. On weekends, he takes her out to race, which is a great way to get his blood pumping and relieve some of the stress that he's under... ...until a woman with tentacles appears in Richard's home one night and scarpers with his life's work. He is going to have to add several items to his list of problems...


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Fast Cars...
by MinaParkes