DOMNU: The Peculiars
By akosikit_singkit
  • Science Fiction
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  • dystopia
  • dystopian
  • fantasy
  • future
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  • power
  • reality
  • sacrifice
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  • trust
  • werewolf
  • wildcard
  • youth


In the year 5021, the President changed civilization to Domnu and there was no escape. People there were divided into three groups-the Vicis, Bounders and Unders. Young women were forced to use machine technology to grow old and produce babies who are given HVN or Human Virus Neurodegeneration which will then be placed at the Floating City to become Pyro Soldiers. From the year 5039, five young people took the matters into their own hands to save their future, facing the Pyro Soldiers themselves. Bracken and his friends from different groups: Lumi, Liam, Vigon and Via tried to escape from the grasp of the government with the goal of creating a campaign to save the people of Domnu from the hands of the Vicis. But what soon befalls them was something unexpected. To have someone close to them, betray them on the process; how will they now stand up and defeat their enemies when in the first place, they were set to fight their own kind--a traitor among their group?

DOMNU: The Peculiars

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DOMNU: Th...
by akosikit_singkit