Lying With Curt
By CriticallyIntense
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Curtis Salazar is Timmy Liu McKenzie's best friend. They have been best friends and inseperable since birth. Timmy can't imagine a life without Curt and he is really hoping it is the same with Curtis too. Timmy also has known since forever that he is in love with Curt, but it's a secret he is sure to take to his grave especially with Curtis endless streams of girlfriend. It's fine with him though, hiding his feelings is second nature to him. He just tries to be there for Curtis anyway he can, devoting his time to his studies and his pictures whenever they weren't together. It is the only way Timmy knew to be sane. Everything was going well until Curtis is backed into lying that he is gay to the entire school. Then he has to go on to prove that his lie isn't actually a lie and who better to lie with than his best friend who is already gay. It turns out quite believable to the student body but completely unbelievable to Timmy himself. Of course Timmy couldn't say no, Curtis needed him afterall. The thing is, would Curt be there when Timmy needs him? © Copyright 2021


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Lying Wit...
by CriticallyIntense