To Make Him Smile
By Always_Manyata
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Aarav Ahuja a 2nd year college student, son of a rich business man. He is a very quiet and calm boy, he loves to keep his pain and thoughts to himself, he never share them even with his parents. He is not high tempered and doesn't like to talk much, he even doesn't have any girlfriend not even in the past. One important thing about him is that he didn't smile since the age of 7! what is the reason behind him being like this? why doesn't he smiles? Will someone enter into his life to bring him out of his grief and pain which he is carrying in his heart? Read the story to find it out!!! Note- This is my first story and English is not my first language, so please don't mind grammatical mistakes which i may make, that i will correct while editing but still if you find any mistake please let me know! Important- this is my original work so i don't give permission to anyone to copy and publish it on other platform ! Copyright reserves. (Haven't Edited the story that much, so please don't mind if you find some mistakes plus i have written the story in simple English which is understandable to everyone) # no.1 rank- Indian - as on 13 June 2021 #no.1 rank- Indianromance- as on 8 August 2021 #no.1 rank- Indianlove- as on 8 August 2021 #no.1 rank- Smile- as on 17 June 2021 #no.1 rank- Indianlove- on 2 july 2021 #no.1 rank- Hope- as on 17 July 2021 #no.1 rank- Past- as on 13 August 2021 #no.1 rank- Cutelove- as on 14 sept 2021 #no.1 rank- Cutelove- as on 29 sept 2021 #no.4 rank- India-as on 8 July 2021 #no.5 rank-Love-as on 14 sept 2021 #no.29 rank- Love-out of 2.22M stories. #no.50 rank- Romance- out of 1.89M Stories. #no.169 rank- Romance- as on 16 sept 2021 #no.6 rank- IndianRomance- as on 5 Nov 2021 #no.11 rank- Indiancollegelove- as on 23 August 2022 #no.8 rank- India as on 18 sept 2022 #no.17 rank in Romcom


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To Make H...
by Always_Manyata