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By violet_will
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Moonstruck [/ˈmuːnstrʌk/ ] unable to think or act normally, especially as a result of being in love. During the summer of 1976 Cassiopia Grady experienced a whole new kind of magic, magic she hadn't learned about in Hogwarts before. A kind of magic that wasn't even recorded yet, leaving her to experience her new ability by herself. And if dealing with a crazy new ability, going crazy on fullmoons and turning by the touch of water wasn't enough for a teenage girl, there was also this group of four boys in her year in school that killed every last nerve her best friend had left, espacially when Cassiopia herself started to befriend them, one of them in particular. The story doensn't end with graduating Hogwarts. Actually, it is where the real untold story begins. A story of a war that goes down in history, a story filled with betrayal and agony but also help, trust and love. The story of a young witch with an unusual ability, fighting along her friends and her brother for what is right, while the world crumbles around them. R. Lupin x main oc status: on going


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by violet_will