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~ a modern beiguang fanfic ~ ctto book cover "I just realized by now that you're that missing piece at my unfinished puzzle." "You're a drug to me and I am addicted to you." Beidou, a notorious individual, who only wanted to live her best life despite being involved into shady business. An insolent brat who gets what she wants even though she had to risk her life and dignity. Uncrowned woman of being so reckless and impulsive among making significant decisions. Popular among the ladies because of her charm and charismatic features. On the other side, she's being chased because of her criminal records. She's a woman tied with a powerful community. Often leading herself to punishable roads. She may have a charismatic face but deep inside, she is blinded by her rage that could possibly lead for revenge. Ningguang, a succesful CEO and an entrepreneur of her own jewelry company, is one of the few celebrities which people have admired due to her elegant and exquisite face along with her precious jewelries which shone the world. An intelligent woman who neglects anything but her will and passion for her dreams. She tastes love as something bitter though not having a slight interest in it. Her attitude reeks of cold and intimidating pleasure but deep inside, is something warm and enveloping.


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through b...
by nathaliesupremacy